snip, snip

it's that time of year again.....you know, when you're really busy already but you have an excuse to put it aside and work on some really important fun projects..... this is my first holiday card idea


IF: pattern

the word pattern certainly comes to mind with this collage....too much ? - never

raining cats and dogs....

after some serious southern rain the sun has come back out and we're appreciating it all the more. (see new header)
I am back in the running and have a new resolution to post.....oh I don't know .... all the time..... or at least more often (has it really been since april? I'm working on a bunch of new things, and I actually have some regular studio time, so I will keep popping in.


princess papercut

here's the papercut of the day.
I'm having a hard time with my scanner, for this one I increased the contrast and it seems blinding to me. Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple scanner that works well for artwork?


IF: Theatre

I spent a little more time working on this larger papercut. This one is on a piece of maroon rice paper. I was a bit stuck until I started shaping the outside of it. For my next one I'll try folding it and cutting a symmetrical outside border.


Far Out

good morning! This one's a bit silly...


friendly monster

daily papercuts, day two. So far I'm having fun with the papercuts but it's not doing much for the rest of my work....it'll all come together though.
happy earth day


jumping rope

I'm getting ready for an open studio event, collecting artwork, framing and matting and getting organized. I'm also working on sketches for two picturebooks. I've decided to do a papercut a day as a warmup, and to get some momentum going, so here's a simple little papercut to start it off. I will post a new one every day until May 1.


My Teacher Dances on the Desk

Look what came in the mail! This little book of poetry was a fun illustration project - and it makes my six year old daughter laugh out loud every time she opens it. It's an all around success.


IF: Intricate

just a quick sketch this week; we've been admiring bubbles in the warm sunshine


birthday owl

This little owl is going to fly all the way to Arizona as part of a birthday package - surprise!



Help! I have exactly 1 hour to do all my work today..... We did have a lot of fun in the snow yesterday. My neighbor lent us her sleds and we found a little hill in walking distance; my youngest is a sledding superstar- she even proudly pulls her own sled back the hill !..... but I don't think we needed a two hour late school start this morning.....Anyway - off to work. This is a sketch for the postcards I'm planning to make for the open studios tour in May. I think I'll put it aside for a while though. Right now I'm working on the paintings for a book called "Just A Boy". (he's the top picture, I thought it would show up down here - I'm still learning how this works)
have a nice day, I'm enjoying the sunshine. Now for a cup of coffee and a burst of speed!


Illustration Friday: Breezy

Here is my image for "breezy". Around here "rainy", or even "stormy" is more appropriate; it's been pouring for days! (I'm not really complaining, we need the rain)


Owl papercut series

I found these little frames at the thrift shop and was inspired to make a series of paper owls to fit in them. I've made fabric pocket owls, so a paper version it makes sense. It's fun to try to do something very simple and only concentrate on colors and patterns. I'm already thinking of the next series. These owl babies are named "Sara, Percy and Bill", of course. I'll show the other ones as they come together.


A Tree for Emmy

Just in time for spring, or maybe a bit early, (especially considering how often I have to run outside as it gets dark to cover my baby garden with a warm blanket) I got my new book out from Peachtree. It certainly is bright.... It got a nice customer review on amazon and in general I'm pretty happy with it. ( I love the pink polka dot endpapers) You can see a few of my favorite pages above.


Mty Teacher Dances on the Desk

I just got my artwork back from Sleeping Bear Press this morning. Here are some of my favorites from this little book of poetry.


studio photos

Here is a peak at my studio....maybe this will inspire me to clear and organize a larger space to work in. I'm applying to be in an Open Studios Tour in May.


altered doilies

valentine for a horse happy little girl


A Tree for Emmy

hey look, I got to be on the cover!

Illustration Friday: Climbing

another valentine , this time with a "climbing" theme (I was thinking along the lines of..."I'll pick the moon and stars for you"....)



here is the first in a series of valentines ideas, I'm just trying them out to start making instead of just looking....I also need a new header soon, so I'm on a roll...


New Babybug cover

Look what just came in the mail! I'm happy with the way this turned out.



This is my first pet portrait

the original is a lot more subtle....the scanner still needs work


Happy New Year

best wishes for a fruitful New Year!

"baby new year" by Nora