screen print by Louisa, age 10



I was ready for this one!


IF: explore

My dog Coco wishes her walks were more like this:


the new guy

I'm doing a lot of other things at the moment, but I just can't resist making more silly soft toys. Here he is, the zebra of the day:


"moon and stars"

... was the title of The Arts Center's entry in the local Christmas Parade this year. Every year it comes together beautifully in the end, what a lot of fun!
(Thanks for the great pictures Mike and Kasia.)

it rolled part of the way, and "floated" the rest. Hey, that's me...

"geodesic sphere" made entirely of recycled newspaper and masking tape

all ready to go!

decorated with tinsel and glow sticks, filled with balloons.
 Some of them popped en route and sounded like firecrackers.


Samichlaus 1

"Sami Niggi-Näggi, Hinder em Ofe steck i. 
Gib mir Nüss und Bire, Denn chummi i wider füre."

On December 6th, Swiss children are confronted with a stern St. Nicholas and his golden book, where all their good and bad deeds have been noted all year. They memorize small poems and songs to welcome him.
He carries a switch for small infractions, and a strong side kick (Schmutzli) to put you in his sack and haul you away if you've been very "bad" (this was always a great success in teen and preteen School Samichlaus celebrations in my youth)

A quick sketch in honor of St. Nicholas, I will work on it and put it back up later. Have a nice day, make sure to eat some nuts and oranges to celebrate.


happy monday

Lately we have been treated to warm weather and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Somehow these views from the car lane and the back porch have led to a series of imaginary landscapes.

In other business, I'm spending a lot of time building the entry for this year's christmas parade (pictures tomorrow, if you can stand the suspense....) Illustration friday this week is "stretch", I think I'll go do some of that before I head off to bed. 
Good Night.