a comic book workshop

Despite my outward rejection of comic books (most of my college art colleagues were obsessed with comic books, not me), I have a soft spot for sequential art. 
I haven't officially drawn any comics, but I'm impressed with those illustrators that do, and I continue to find new treasures on the internet ( web based comics, who knew?) Here are just a couple of people I like to look at, preparation for this kids art camp week kept drawing me into this whole new world. Noelle Stevenson, Jillian Tamaki, Gemma Correll, Eleanor Davis etc.
The pictures below are from a week of art camp with 10-12 year old's.  These guys had crazy ideas, worked hard and just about blew me away. Great job kids!


preschool camp

This was an adorable group of 5, most of them around the age of 3. We explored collage, charcoal, paint and sculpture projects and had some crazy times. To be honest, the water bucket was the most popular item, along with chalk paint and storytime projects.


summer birthday

A special birthday card today, for my dad.

happy birthday!
Here's to the birthday boy! 
(the crab refers to his astrological sign, not his personality)


Babybug mail

Look what came in the mail last week:
I think I need to go to the beach now.
But wait, there's an inside spread too:

There, that's a little cooler, whew.


The Owl and the Pussycat

Hi there, remember me? I hope you're having a good summer, mine is off to a flying start. 
I'll just pop in here occasionally, but if you want to know about me on a regular basis, I seem to be more of an Instagram person . I don't know why ; less commitment, instant pictures, I kind of like documenting everyday things, processes and experiments. I don't even have a phone, so no pictures from "the field", but stop by and check it out! (follow the link in the sidebar).
As usual, summer is dominated by art camp, so check back for a look at the creative work of little people later this week.

The image below is my submission for the "nautical wall art"assignment this month.

It helped to have a story/poem to connect it too, my ideas were all over the place. I like the topic though, I'll be doing some more drawings in a "nautical vein".
Click here to see the other submissions in the bootcamp gallery - amazing stuff!