weekend experiments

Some experiments in soft sculpture....inspired by Phoebe Wahl, my collection of old sweaters and a very warm climate.

Voodoo doll by Louisa, age 11

kitty (she has her own wagon and a leash) by Nora, age 7


draw more people!

Nora, age 7
just do it :)


IF: together

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Together". I haven't played along for a while, but here's my contribution. We have a pair of pet bunnies, and no matter how many pieces of food they're given, they always start out by nibbling on the same one. 

This is the paper cut I started out with. I stumbled across a post from Rob Ryan explaining how he got rid of pencil marks, and couldn't resist giving it a try.

the original being spray painted (shows the printing possibilities too...)

a bit shiny maybe

This is the final black papercut, There is probably a better kind of spray paint to use, since I just used what was in my shed, but all in all a fun experiment. I imagine the resulting black papercut would work as a durable stencil. Maybe that's my next experiment. Any suggestions on a kind of spray paint that works well with paper? 



I'm experimenting with tumblr, this little guy will be my "avatar" over there.  Have any of you tried it? Any hints, warnings, ideas? It's a fun challenge anyway, I am seriously digitally challenged :)


heads up

New header, look up.
Have a  nice weekend friends !


morning mist

A minimal landscape today.  A fun exercise, but doesn't really capture the atmosphere.

watercolor and collage
I got an e-mail from a stranger this morning offering to create "original content" for my blog. Now, I know this space could use a lot of things, but that seems like an oxymoron.


happy monday

To start the week off right, here are some things making me happy this monday.

Inspired kids drawing:

Nora, age 7 1/2

Random morning thriftshop score; hand pieced and quilted, all cotton, twin size, vintage quilt - $4 bucks

Back to the drawing board now; before the school bus pulls up, I hope you got a good start on your week!


Art After School

Kids Art Center classes are back in session - nice work guys!

owl monoprint


morning storm

The drive this morning was stormy and gray, this minimal landscape was inspired by the view of the lake 
(no sailboat in real life  though)

happy September !