IF: Train

For Illustration Friday this week, an old friend getting ready to take the train....

Do you recognize him?


bunny at home

Working on some spot illustrations, pen and ink wash.

 I feel like I'm learning a lot about myself these days, and things are falling into place.


is anyone out there?

illustrator living far from big city :)

It's almost a necessity for me to listen to music, podcasts or audio books while I'm working. It helps tie me to my desk and keep me focused. I'm excited about this series of podcasts I've discovered, I can't even remember where. It's called "Your Dreams my Nightmares" , and it's an audio side project by illustrator Sam Weber. A series of informal interviews with other illustrators - Awesome.


spring botanicals

 I picked a long strand of these flowers yesterday on my morning walk with the dog. It grows wildly and climbs over everything. It's Carolina Jessamine, the state flower

papercut silhouette
My favorite wild flowers are cropping up by the side of the road, but I need to bring  a knife to take them home. I'll show you some drawings of those pricklies tomorrow.


IF: Wild

This week's Illustration Friday topic: Wild

a little hand lettering to celebrate the explosion of spring...


spring planting

Here is a little portrait of a new pot of succulents at my house.
I love these guys.

I've been doing some experimenting experimenting, and it seems to be working...
Outside our South Carolina spring is definitely here, everything is covered with a fine sheet of yellow pollen and the temperature is rising. We've signed up for our plot in the community garden again this year, and are slowly starting to plant. The potatoes we put in early are coming up, and there are a lot of them! (squeals of excitement from the kids) I'm hoping the early planting will trick the pests and last years potato bugs will arrive to late...


IF: Urban

The prompt "Urban" made me think of Paris, which reminded me of a story I heard on the radio about french efforts to increase biodiversity in cities.
Goat lawn mowers and bees on rooftops, sign me up!


IF: Egg or "Templeton's Treasure"

last but not least...

spring break

Just in case you were wondering where I went....
Spring Break Art Immersion, always a good time!

Back soon for Illustration friday, and to show off some promo ideas.
'Hope your week was full of art - and a bit messy.