A Tree for Emmy

Just in time for spring, or maybe a bit early, (especially considering how often I have to run outside as it gets dark to cover my baby garden with a warm blanket) I got my new book out from Peachtree. It certainly is bright.... It got a nice customer review on amazon and in general I'm pretty happy with it. ( I love the pink polka dot endpapers) You can see a few of my favorite pages above.


Friederike! and Sandra said...

what a great feeling this must be to hold your books in your hands. Congratulations!

Zoldice said...

I've just ordered some copies - I can never get just one of your books: it seems so selfish not to share the joy of looking at them with others... This one will be a great present to the kids to accompany our brand new membership in the Arbor Day Foundation

raindrops said...

I ordered this book for my mother, as the subject matter holds a sincere sentimental place in our family. (My parent's home is surrounded by enormous and beautiful mimosa trees - a not often heard of type of tree... especially not in RI.) Your illustrations made my heart do flips and you truly capture the essence and whimsy of this subject. Thank you!!