morning inspiration

We went to see a performance of Momix this morning. This little drawing is inspired by their whimsical costumes and beautiful performance.


On the bright side....

we got flowers...... and time off from school and other obligations.
But, after a week of sequential family flu yuckiness, I'm about ready for things to get back to normal.

I'll check back with illustration friday soon, happy 100th day of school.
 (so many sketch ideas, so little time :)


Yay for us!

The Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee has chosen A Song for My Sister as a Notable book in the Younger Readers Category for 2013!
I love this even more because I remember how much I enjoyed the All Of A Kind Family books when I was a kid.
Thank you!


IF: Myth

Quick sketch for "myth"

In France, a little mouse (la petite souris) comes at night and exchanges your tooth for a coin. Here in the US we have the tooth fairy. What happens when you lose your baby teeth where you come from?



Misty, foggy, wet. I came up with a palette for this South Carolina "winter"

It has been raining for days. The bunnies are muddy but undaunted, the kids miss their outside recess and the dog is restless (mainly because she doesn't like to get wet).
I don't mind. I'm kind of enjoying the dreamy light and muted colors.


new directions

I know this doesn't look too new (I know, more bunnies!) but in the new year I am focusing on a series of small spot illustrations in black and white.



I actually have a lot of good ocean ideas, but I'm setting up my first professional website - eek - and it is stressing me out and taking FOREVER. So, I'll leave you with an old favorite of mine that is perfect for the subject.
wish me luck


year of the bunny

I would like to introduce you to the newest members of the family.
Pip, a silky soft spunky dwarf rex velveteen rabbit, and Sparkles (6 year old naming job), a sweet netherland dwarf. We spent a crafty but cramped new years weekend under the deck building them a nice place to live.
Those are the perks of living in a small town, nobody objects, and there isn't really anything better to do. Let me tell you, those are some happy bunnies.
"Wait", you say, "don't you already have a Beagle?" - Why yes we do. Poor pet planning? Maybe, but it sure is exciting around here. The dog loves the bunnies, but we are not letting them play together in the backyard.

meet Pip and Sparkles

bunny paradise under the deck

screen print
I have to warn you, with these models we'll be seeing some more rabbit themed artwork in 2013.
Happy monday!


IF: Edge

The whole New Year post has become too fraught, so I'm just going to jump in!