A while back I was in my first art/craft sale. Although I made some money and had a good time talking to people,it's not something I would do again around here. I do love to make things though, especially toys and dolls. This seems to be the most popular thing so far: my owl beanbag set (thanks Pam for the photo) A friends mom is copying the design overseas, and I have two holiday orders to make more. I am thinking of setting up an Etsy store so I can make as many stuffed toys as I want without exploding my house.... :)
...first I have to learn to take and post my own pictures...


Illustration Friday: Rambunctious

these are some rambunctious kids, I'd like to finish some of these guys later...


IF balloon

this was the sketch for a little girls birthday painting a while back



I was having fun with this new idea, a cut paper collage


holiday card

Hey, I think I've got it...


IF: Pretend

A "wolf in sheeps clothing"

IF: Wise

here is an old drawing I just ran into. Its a bit wobbly, but I still like it.I think it fits for "wise"


IF: Late

This is a spot for a poem called "Always Late" (Eugene Gagliano) in a little book of school poems I'm illustrating for Sleeping Bear Press.


scary thoughts

Here's an old illlustration with a halloween feel. It's been so long since I've worked in pen and ink that I had to go back and remind myself...but I'm having a very good time with it.


IF: String

Just a sketch this week, I should get back to work ...

IF: Sugary

This one went a little over the top....maybe I will make a halloween postcard out of it



I've been trying to squeeze a better picture from my scanner, meanwhile the rest of the art has been sent off....oh well, maybe later...
....I have a new scanner, but I think I need to figure out how to adjust the contrast. I'll just take pictures of some other pages......now I have to go wrap it up though..

A Tree for Emmy

This is the last page of a newly illustrated book for Peachtree Publishers. I'm just getting ready to put it in the mail... whew


IF : enough

still no scanner, another one from the files
i t seemed to go with the topic;" enough"


IF: Foggy

Since my scanner is broken, here's an old one for this week


We're outta here!

This is the last page from my newest book "Booming Bella", written by Carol Ann Williams, Putnam, due out any minute.
I'm on my way out of town; we will be in Europe until July 4th ! (yippee)


Illustration Friday: Seed

Seed, also known as "happy mothersday"


Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

Louisa does illustration Friday

Louisa: "the elephant is standing on the ball, they put some water in his trunk and he squirts it out, and the clowns are rollerskating on the water. The radio plays music"


Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

I'm posting an old one for today (although I am considering elephants closely)...back to work...


Illustration Friday: Save

collage for "save"

Louisa (age 5) does IF : masked superhero saving a cat in a tree