water walls

With the hot summer weather, the best way to end this week's recycled plastic sculpture camp was to build our own water wall. After some initial confusion the girls jumped right in.

Testing them was the best part, of course. Happy friday!


making faces

Yesterdays results from art camp turned out pretty funny...

animal with crazy horns

the eyes have it...

I was hoping for an animal with a trunk, but I think there were a lot of dog lovers in the group :)

unicorn anyone?

These last two projects were based on something I saw on pinterest, of course, but the process was modified a lot.   For making holes in all the lids a Dremel tool or drill is definitely helpful. we attached the eyes etc. with metal fasteners and a dab of hot glue for insurance.


hot wheels

These girls are on FIRE! Look at these cars they came up with:

all recycled materials, plus customized little wooden guy

at least they have seat belts...

I like the transparent roof for a better view

notice the one with a propellor and only two wheels (?)

They also created a street and neighborhood to race in and spent the rest of the time careening around. I'm glad it'll be a few years before these kids are allowed to drive...


paper tiger

Sometimes the best things happen when you just throw out an idea (draw using these plastic lids as tracing shapes) and stand back

the rest is under construction


The Art Festival

was great, it finally happened and everyone seemed to have a good time. The weather was perfect and we played 'till we ran out of supplies, so it's all good.

t-shirt yarn teepees

spray painted sheets

a hanging weaving that doubles as a super hero changing station
floating hand made boats in the fountain

aftermath of the overlife size block painting, and spray art setup
I think the reason for the lack of people in these shots is that when it was busy , so was I :)
happy weekend!
 Up next week: Art Camp #1 



are some of my favorite things in the garden. They grow like magic and taste completely different from the store bought kind, better of course. 

Lot's of things going on here, at the pool, at the garden, at home and in the sketchbook. The Art Festival was rescheduled for this weekend, and Art Camp is coming up. I'll be teaching two sessions, and that's always high energy and a lot of fun.


summer !

The beginning of summer break is here - for some of us.
I'll be checking in regularly to make sure I keep on track :)



In my eagerness to turn the poster in on time, I neglected to take a picture of it.
Here's a detail shot of the hand lettered type, I'll have to wait a bit and snap a photo of the poster in a shop window, in it's element.


pre final poster...

Here is a peek at the pre final of the poster, we needed to a make a small change and add more guys and cars for a party atmosphere.
I guess this is where it comes out that I don't like crowds :)

so far so good...


checking in

Well, the festival was postponed for weather, the trip to Washington DC (I chaperoned the 5th grade) was a crazy adventure, and I'm just popping in for a sign of life....I know you worry :)

Color study for a local project, an anniversary poster for the annual 4th of july festival.

Catch you later, gotta go ...