notes from the garden

This is the zucchini princess, the first summer squash of the year. 
We have already been enjoying lots of dill and basil, and some astonishing multicolored beets. We have to be vigilant though, the competition is fierce.  I've had to put my pacifist tendencies aside - if I don't get the potato bugs they'll eat my plants, and the potatoes are supposed to be purple!



While clearing my desk I found one of Nora's guys from a while back. 
That was before I found the miniature brads, I'll have to set her up with some of those.
Inspiring nonetheless.

elephant prototype

I'm playing around with a postcard idea I've had for a while.
this prototype will be a birthday card for a little girl - if I can part with it.....


IF: faded

by the end of the summer the bathing suit will have faded - and hopefully the colorful ice pop tongues too


simple summer

Happy Memorial Day!
We have a long weekend, new library books, and the pool opens today, so all is well with the world.
Enjoy your weekend. 


festival t-shirt

So here's that t-shirt I designed a while back. 
The cute kid? I guess I made her too :)


what I'm learning # 1

...an inchworm looks just like the broccoli he is feasting on, so I will soak my garden produce in salted water, old world style, and triple check it before cooking.
I am a vegetarian after all.



After working hard to organize the  kid space of the Arts Festival (lots of fun!)  I'm regrouping and trying to get back into this space, and my life as an illustrator.
I'll be here more often, thanks for sticking around :)


more yarn

 this project was to decorate a local park for tomorrow's Festival of Arts. A "yarn bombing" did the trick. 
Thanks for coming out guys!



another local project/event.
Come on down if you live around Clemson SC, I've been busy using up my stash of thrift store yarn.
Pictures next weekend, I'm pretty excited.




this is what it sounds like outside my window these days, even made his way onto a t-shirt I'm designing


checking in

Just checking in, have you missed me blog?

This page from my sketchbook is from a playground visit with my younger daughter. We were working on a "how to do a flipover" collaborative instruction. I'll post the cleaned up version soon, in case you've been wanting to try it :)
There is still a lot of spring time small animal activity going on, and some of it is finding it's way into current projects (more on that later)
 Yesterday while walking the dog, we disturbed a hawk eating breakfast. Coco and I were left standing speechless as the bird swooped out in front of us carrying the lifeless squirrel (aka breakfast) to a more private spot. I think my usually yappy dog was afraid she might be next.....