note to self

Part of a wip, and a necessary reminder these days. When it seems that there are way more things I know nothing about, than things I'm capable of....

Take courage!


big headed

Some more great work by these kids, way to go!

age 11
age 10

age 6
age 8


more coming...

Just can't get enough...notice the bird has caught a fish!

I'm over here!

...just powering through spring break, teaching art camp for kids ages 6-12. What an amazing group, it's never been this fun! The theme of the week is paper, and we've made our own, played with pulp, made some marionettes and today built a complete paperland. Here's a peek:


I'm so proud of these guys (and the ones I didn't show are great too), awesome job, and kind of inspiring...



cut paper design
I don't know how I got here....but it feels right for now. Would you like a plate like this?



 Hello all, fun busy times over here. I'm working full tilt on a project I can't show, and playing with patterns (rather amateurishly by hand) for the class I'm taking. Here's a quick peek:

When my schedule clears up I am ready to learn some computer skills; until then I'll continue to muddle through :)