IF : "refresh" #1

triplets in bikinis under water with their baby sister (swaddled, held by middle girl)
Nora (6) got the jump on me for Illustration Friday this week. I think it's awesome, I hope I'll measure up...



Gouache on black paper, collaboration

Good morning, happy friday!
I've met my deadline, it's the last morning of pre school art camp and it's a beautiful day.
Have a nice weekend, all.


summer sunset

I've been pretty scarce around here. Hi, how have you been?
I'm teaching a slew of summer classes for art camp here in town, the kids are out of school, there's a deadline on the horizon and the days just slip by.
I'll try to stop by more often, just to post some summer sketches, and maybe some snaps of my adorable students and their work.
This is a simple birthday card I painted for my dad, who is currently on a mountain top in Switzerland.
Happy Birthday!


Illustration Friday: secret

this little bunny hops out at me whenever I run past a certain spot in the woods. He won't come too close, but he doesn't seem very shy either. He lives very along the path surrounding a large subdivision, so his home must be pretty "secret".


flock of birds

this little flock is a group of birds with movable wings I made to give away as cards.
they are colored pencil and gouache on tag board.
(the doily's are not attached, they're for presentation only)

I'll be back for illustration friday, this weeks topic is "secret"


birthday bird

Here's another little cardboard animal prototype. It will be a birthday card for another little girl.
I have been spoiled for mine this year, beach trip,birthday dinners and thoughtful presents - I feel loved.


I celebrated my birthday...

At the beach. Basically my favorite place, I think I was a mermaid in a past life. 

We've been to Folly Beach a few times before. It's only about 4 hours from my house and right next to Charleston, so we get the beach and the city at once. A lot of people seem to appreciate it, so don't come on a week-end if you can help it. 

We rented bikes, dreamed of renting a surfboard (next time), played in the sand and water and discovered some new (to us) places to love in Folly. It was great.......


happy surprise

 We've been away for an early summer break - and to celebrate a big birthday -  but more on that later. Look what was waiting for me on my return! in the garden and on my front porch, respectively.

cucumber recipes anyone?

A Song for My Sister  by Lesley Simpson and illustrated by me will be released on june 26.
cool :)


Illustration Friday: hurry!

Today's illustration friday topic made me think of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The bunny sketches in my sketchbook a while back came in handy for this spot.