printmaking wrapup

This is the wrap up for this week's art camp, all around it was a very good experience. We finished with  collagraphs and dabbled in screen printing (with a stencil cut out of contact paper by me ).



 ambitiously screen printing shirts....

prints and stencils

Tune in next week, we'll be back to regular programming :)
Happy Weekend!


kids relief prints

Todays prints were made with a foam tray, ink and brayer, but I feel they transcend the medium - AND : no sharp objects :)


printing 101

We're in the swing of another week of Art Camp, ages 8-10; "printing without a press". Always a little nerve wracking at first until you learn what they need (a drawing assignment) and what they can and can't handle (sharp objects, waiting).
 It's a good group though, positive and creative with no difficult personality combinations. We've made collagraphs and lots of monoprints of different kinds. Here's a look at their work, I'm proud of them.

self portraits

self portrait

collagraph print and plate
 For more information on these processes and a lot of other inspiring ideas, check out my pinterest link on the right. I like it over there.....


All New

New month, new header, new week of camp; let the adventures begin!
 This week will be a group of older students exploring printmaking by hand (without a press). We'll start with mono types tomorrow, this is my little practice design using watercolors on a glass plate. 

I  think the paper cut collage header was inspired by the gorgeous flowers in my garden - they love all the rain we've been sloshing through.
Happy July