Happy monday!
This guy is part of some pattern sketches I did earlier this spring. I still like him, but I think I've learned a lot about patterns since then. This week I have some fun stuff to work on and a family trip to the big city (NYC!) to prepare for. I will check back tomorrow though, and show you the process for my piece for this month's bootcamp gallery (and my exciting Photoshop progress! - exciting to me at least) 
I hope you're all off to a good start this morning.



One more picture with me - for scale.

festive tiger

Hi guys, I wanted to tell you about my community mural adventure. This was the weekend of the Clemson Festival of the Arts; lots of fun as usual, and perfect weather this year - yay!I drew this tiger to be a "mystery mural project"

after that he was gridded out and transferred to 150 squares of (recycled) mat board

by hand, with a sharpie. yes, I'm very high tech...

TaDa! Here's the final mural!
The challenge was to make the individual squares interesting to color, without giving away what the picture was. Fun! (the shadow in the corner is a tree branch)


birthday time

Gotta run, but if you're looking for the perfect birthday-lemon-pound-cake-with-lemon-poppy-seed- buttercream-frosting recipe, here it is.
you're welcome!


friday inspiration

Here's my inspiration of the day while I keep working away at assignments, projects and planning.


We're also gearing up for the annual local Art Festival. My part is designing the map and the "mystery mural" (more on that later), and coming up with the hands on art experiences - fun!
Have a nice weekend!


getting on swimmingly...

Hi guys! Let's just start fresh, no excuses.
 How've you been? Nice weather we're having- actually a bit hot already over here already.
 This is my "mermaid zipper pouch", my last class assignment. It's obviously not a pouch, but I kind of like it. Should I turn it into a postcard, what do you think?

 I have a lot of plans for this space, and my website, and my portfolio, and life in general, but all in good time. I'm learning to take it slowly, and if I take a step back and think of myself a year ago, I am excited about all the things I've learned.
Have a nice day!


bon appetit

Good morning! Just checking in to show some signs of life.
 Spring is well underway in this part of the world, as long as you have no pollen allergies, the south is the time to be right now.
Above you can see my plate design for a course assignment. I was working with cut paper for this one, and it ended up having a bit of a folksy feel to it. That's one thing that I'm realizing is actually pretty consistent in my work (you probably could have told me that, it's pretty obvious once you start paying attention).
 I'm having fun playing with different materials; this week watercolor is the queen. What's your favorite medium?