princess papercut

here's the papercut of the day.
I'm having a hard time with my scanner, for this one I increased the contrast and it seems blinding to me. Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple scanner that works well for artwork?


IF: Theatre

I spent a little more time working on this larger papercut. This one is on a piece of maroon rice paper. I was a bit stuck until I started shaping the outside of it. For my next one I'll try folding it and cutting a symmetrical outside border.


Far Out

good morning! This one's a bit silly...


friendly monster

daily papercuts, day two. So far I'm having fun with the papercuts but it's not doing much for the rest of my work....it'll all come together though.
happy earth day


jumping rope

I'm getting ready for an open studio event, collecting artwork, framing and matting and getting organized. I'm also working on sketches for two picturebooks. I've decided to do a papercut a day as a warmup, and to get some momentum going, so here's a simple little papercut to start it off. I will post a new one every day until May 1.