Help! I have exactly 1 hour to do all my work today..... We did have a lot of fun in the snow yesterday. My neighbor lent us her sleds and we found a little hill in walking distance; my youngest is a sledding superstar- she even proudly pulls her own sled back the hill !..... but I don't think we needed a two hour late school start this morning.....Anyway - off to work. This is a sketch for the postcards I'm planning to make for the open studios tour in May. I think I'll put it aside for a while though. Right now I'm working on the paintings for a book called "Just A Boy". (he's the top picture, I thought it would show up down here - I'm still learning how this works)
have a nice day, I'm enjoying the sunshine. Now for a cup of coffee and a burst of speed!


Zoldice said...

Oh, the simple mention of coffee makes me smell espresso! - Anyways, I just want to say how much I like your header image (the word paperwork on the tree really brings home the much forgotten connection...)

For the postcard: the little girl playing with her dollhouse is lovely. It could be a kind of ars poetica of an illustrator: the playful act of being creatively engaged in the micro-universe of a book through pictures. (But come to think of it, maybe now you'll shy away from using this image if it so easily triggers interpretation -- oh, well, if it's said, it's said... ,forgive me, for I've been traied to come up with sentences like this...)On the other hand, the eye in the window scares me, kinda voyeuristic.
Are you going to show us other plans, too?

tatjana said...

thanks for your comment Zoldice, I thought the eye was a little creepy too. (but I think I like that) I will come up with some more ideas and post them.