IF: Swim

As time keeps rushing on, I'm checking in today with my ideas for the illustration friday topic "Swim".

The first design is in honor of Gertrude Ederle , first woman to swim the english channel. 
The retro swim suit, and a weekend visit to the pool with my seven year old, made me think of water ballet, and the kaleidoscopic patterns the swimmers create. Something to play around with  in the future maybe?



Happy first day of spring!

playing around with type and collage this morning....
I love Charlotte.


spring bouquet

Look at last fall's arugula! Who knew the flowers would be so pretty....and the bunny's favorite food.

I am a gardening newbie with a perennially shady back yard.  Just last week we signed up to keep our community garden plot for another year, and I'm excited about all the possibilities! While I love growing my own vegetables, I think my favorite part about having a garden last year was the flowers. A never ending wealth of zinnias, marigolds and volunteer surprises (gladiolas!).


IF: yesterday

After I finally got the Beatles song out of my head, the ideas for Illustration Friday's "yesterday" prompt just came pouring in. Does that mean I'm getting old ?
Here's a little teenager with some of yesterday's technology. I was very proud of my own walkman cassette player, and it got a lot of use... 
(although I don't think I should tell you what I listened too)


printing workshop

After a busy week of helping out with science projects and play practice, I settled in for some drawing, painting and making in the studio. The weather is amazing, and the sun is pouring in my windows.
I carved some stamps and a small plate for printing, and helped carve another little stamp to illustrate a science experiment. - don't worry, these were behavioral studies :)

This note card is a linoleum print with collage flowers. Since I actually left town this week - hurray! - I stopped at a craft store and bought some screen printing supplies: drawing fluid and screen filler. I've been playing with paper stencils, and I'm ready to make something more permanent. Very exciting!