gearing up

Today is all about getting ready for the art festival (50% chance of rain, please hold off....)

here's a peek at the practice run for the woven teepees, I'd like to just stand around and weave them myself tomorrow.
The map has turned into a coloring page, so that should be fun too.
Happy Friday!



On my desk this week, I'm designing the map to navigate this years Clemson Festival of Arts. The map is more for fun, it's not quite that big :) There's a lot to do though, come out and play along if you live around here. Now I have to go back to making t-shirt yarn to weave the teepee's, harvest some bamboo,  lead a flower workshop for the flash art...oh yeah, first the map.
Come back to see the color final later this week.

In other "news", I spend a lot of time these days following/driving my girls around. The horse farm is, of course, a constant, but the dance studio is pretty new to me. I like to draw and watch them rehearse.

tap feet



Happy friday, you're welcome to share my after lunch espresso and chocolate.
I'm nice like that.

Working on some sample spots, this on may be a bit too busy for me, but fun anyway.


driven to distraction

In a good way.....

Never a dull moment around here!
 Kids, dogs, bunnies, kittens, gardens, sketchbooks, organizing art festivals, and some serious illustration projects to round things out.

 The radishes keep on coming, next we'll have potatoes!


heads up

New (horse) header for May.
Happy spring!


May 1.

Hello Blog, just checking in. Look at this first image ! On saturday my 4-6 year old art class tried shaving cream marbling for the first time, and it was a blast. Fun for all ages, and messy in a good way. I think it would be fun to try to make some pictures with these as background/base, I'll pop back in and show you how those turn out.

These beauties are our first radishes from the garden, spicy and colorful and definitely one of the advantages of living down south where spring comes early.
While I work on  drawing this week,  I'm listening to the new "album" (yes, I think I am that old) by Patty Griffin, one of my all time favorites - available for pre-listening here.
AND it's stopped raining...yay.