on my desk

detail of a fun side project

little pet portrait in progress
Note to self: once you get started it's not so hard, it's actually fun! 
That's why I love it...



Lots of animal sketching going on here these days. Unexpected side effect: easy to whip up a quick card for a friend.
(not my hand)



Happy St.Nicholas day all! 

a quick Samichlaus sketch
We started the day with a boot full of treats and will spend the afternoon baking Grittibaenze ( Swiss dough men) and eating nuts and mandarin oranges. These are traditions I can get into :)

I think this sketch might need some photoshop help....why do you think the paper looks so grey?


december crazies

what I've been doing...
 rainy Christmas parade

paper mache Luna moth Christmas parade float/sculpture (yes that's me on the right, having a good time)
 We had a good group to build the float/sculpture this year. There's never quite enough time, and it always rains, so those are the limitations to work around. It's still fun, even when you're walking in the rain behind the "Chick-fil-a" car. Definitely my kids favorite holiday tradition, especially when you include pizza with friends afterwards.

There's more, of course. I never like to mention the daily runaround stuff, I'm sure you've got your own. December is always full with all sorts of projects, so I'll just pop in occasionally to let you know I'm still kickin'.