My Teacher Dances on the Desk

Look what came in the mail! This little book of poetry was a fun illustration project - and it makes my six year old daughter laugh out loud every time she opens it. It's an all around success.


IF: Intricate

just a quick sketch this week; we've been admiring bubbles in the warm sunshine


birthday owl

This little owl is going to fly all the way to Arizona as part of a birthday package - surprise!



Help! I have exactly 1 hour to do all my work today..... We did have a lot of fun in the snow yesterday. My neighbor lent us her sleds and we found a little hill in walking distance; my youngest is a sledding superstar- she even proudly pulls her own sled back the hill !..... but I don't think we needed a two hour late school start this morning.....Anyway - off to work. This is a sketch for the postcards I'm planning to make for the open studios tour in May. I think I'll put it aside for a while though. Right now I'm working on the paintings for a book called "Just A Boy". (he's the top picture, I thought it would show up down here - I'm still learning how this works)
have a nice day, I'm enjoying the sunshine. Now for a cup of coffee and a burst of speed!


Illustration Friday: Breezy

Here is my image for "breezy". Around here "rainy", or even "stormy" is more appropriate; it's been pouring for days! (I'm not really complaining, we need the rain)