You know you wanted to see this guy in action!
He was a definite success, thanks to all the lovely people who came out and worked on him and helped him make it through the parade!


a magical creature

In our quest to increase the visibility of the local art center, we set out to build a float for the Christmas Parade here in Clemson. Many hours later, here is what we have to show for it: a magical sea serpent, carried by an a group of volunteers and surrounded by hand made fish lanterns.
I'm excited because he was a group effort , and he's made almost entirely out of recyclables
(the support is pvc pipe and window screen). We went dumpster diving at the recycling center, and had many donations of bubble wrap and other odd supplies.
For the (evening) parade he will be lit up , I hope it all goes off well and I can get a few pictures.
cross your fingers!


moonlight pony

A horse playing in the moonlight, just for fun. White ink and colored pencil on black paper.