"besties" # 2

I know, the bunnies again...but how could I resist?

ink and pencil on paper

They do seem to be getting along well these days. Unfortunately when I started this drawing they were supposed to be the active subjects of a science experiment (bunny behavior). I guess huddling together in a box is a kind of behavior...

I'm really liking this toned paper I've been using (buff?). I've had it for a while and I'm going to find out what it is and get some full size sheets to work on a bigger project.


"besties" # 1

happy monday!

This little drawing is part of a series we'll call "besties"

Whenever I look at it now, I will remember my seven year olds recent obsession with dance. 
She's especially intrigued with tap, so we did a you tube instructional video, and lots of viewings of "Singing in the Rain". Aaah, the beauty of the internet.
We also discovered Esther Williams, but that's another story....


IF: whisper

This week I'm ahead of the game...or at least on time.

inspired by this doodle found in the bottom of a first grader backpack:

by Nora


Alices Adventure

In honor of my family's first community theatre experience (not counting the letter I earned in high school for painting sets....)

Have a wonderful day !


IF: wool

"wool" reminds me of a stack of packages that was left at my door last friday:

Surprise, it's a new book!


cheshire moon

driving my daughter home from Alice in Wonderland play practice this week, we were followed by this cheshire cat moon

I had never seen it like that before....
Looking forward to Illustration Friday; "wool" a perfect topic for me.


a thought

I think valentines day should be about celebrating the people and things that make you happy.

Happy day to you, actually, take the weekend! We are off of school for 4 days.


Hello kitten,

good morning, here are some curious kittens to start your day.

 collage from an add for shoes



I had so much fun with this image I ended up killing it in the end, but I do still like this little corner...
and sometimes it is the process that counts


40 valentines

When you're in first grade  you have to get creative to be able to make 40 valentine's and still have fun.
Mission accomplished.

Here is my valentine to you, dear blog. Playing around with my color palette....


IF: wheel # 2

I was planning on doing this one in color, but let's just move on, shall we...

autobiographical cheese "wheel"


IF: wheel

Given the prompt "wheel", my swiss soul naturally screamed "cheese". 
So here you go.

And I'm sure we all appreciate a break from the bunnies.
I have more wheel/cheese ideas, so you might want to check back :)


bunny behavior

just one of the ways these guys make life interesting.....

happy February!