IF: together

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Together". I haven't played along for a while, but here's my contribution. We have a pair of pet bunnies, and no matter how many pieces of food they're given, they always start out by nibbling on the same one. 

This is the paper cut I started out with. I stumbled across a post from Rob Ryan explaining how he got rid of pencil marks, and couldn't resist giving it a try.

the original being spray painted (shows the printing possibilities too...)

a bit shiny maybe

This is the final black papercut, There is probably a better kind of spray paint to use, since I just used what was in my shed, but all in all a fun experiment. I imagine the resulting black papercut would work as a durable stencil. Maybe that's my next experiment. Any suggestions on a kind of spray paint that works well with paper? 

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