mix it up

I am teaching an after school art class called "abstract acrylic painting". I stepped in when the original instructor had a conflict, and If you know me at all, you can tell I did not come up with that. What came as a surprise to me is how much I am enjoying that class, and the students, and how much I am getting out of it. Hurray for stepping out of your comfort zone!

student work

We started off with a color mixing project; every student divided his/her board into even squares, and  set out to fill the spaces by mixing as many different colors as possible from the egg carton palette of (an approximation of) cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. This kept a small group of kids between the ages of 6 and twelve seriously engaged for more than an hour. They were amazed by how different each of their projects looked, and proud of the range of colors. They ended by making up names for some favorite colors: Frog Burp anyone?

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