giant papercut process

I'm back! I know you've been waiting impatiently to find out all about this project of mine.....
Well, my wonderful new studio space sometimes doubles as a guest room, and sometimes as my place to do yoga, so I was looking for a little more privacy. The large glass insert in the door lets in a lot of light and definitely brightens up the space, so I didn't want to lose that. 

whole door in action

I considered frosting the glass, but I wanted something reversible, I considered a light curtain, blinds, ,window film, but I wanted something more unusual. (picky? who, me?) 
I got started on this papercut when I realized how to avoid the stretching and flopping that would happen if I tried to make a papercut this large and then glue it somewhere (not a pretty thought).

Reverse papercut! I cut out all the small shapes and scenes and started from the outside in with a nod to symmetry, but not completely even. I used liquid laundry starch to glue down most things, and took a glue stick to the tiny details. Now that I'm done, I found this other tip, it seems that milk is also good for attaching paper to glass and mirrors. I'll try that next time.
Ta da, I'm pretty happy with it, and when I'm tired of it I can use some water and a spatula and scrape it all off. Don't worry, I don't spend a lot of time washing my windows anyway....

time to sweep up the little pieces today



Hazel Terry said...

It is wonderful Tatjana a beautiful paper cut.
I had the same dilema and put frosted plastic cut outs on my bathroom windows, instead of frosted glass.
Thank you for your comment today.
Best Wishes

Tanja said...
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Tanja said...

whoa - amazing! it looks lovely, and is the perfect solution, I'm sure it works really well. admire the energy you're willing to put into making your studio lovely, very inspiring. poisonous plants working so well, love the reduced palette.

Carolina BĂșzio said...

This is gorgeous! You should make some vinyls and sell them, I'm sure a lot of people would love to have a design like that in a door or wall (or table... just put a glass on top and it should be fine)