pet portraits

This is the first in a series of pet portraits I have planned. It shows my dog Coco, but it is it is more of  an exaggerated personality portrait than a realistic view. I had much more fun with it that I expected, next I will try to make a more realistic one.
This project came about because I agreed to put some pieces in the Holiday Art/Gift  Sale at the local Arts Center. I ordered some more christmas books , but I also wanted to make a few things.
I'm painting some portraits of friends pets, and I'll take commissions, if someone wants to order one.
I made a few more random things, I haven't had a lot of time to sew stuffed animals, every year I realize - I should really have started earlier...
So it's an ongoing process, I'll  take a picture of the whole setup when I'm done, but now I need a few elves to come in and clean up my studio. It looks like something exploded in there.
No wonder my kids just give me a wry look when I tell them to clean up their rooms : "seriously?"

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